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Online Entry - Dirt Track Race Meeting

Enter online before the event date to avoid delays and extra fees(To Be Complete Before The Event Date - No Late Fees Apply)

Not required for Come and Try, Practice days, Pony Express, Junior Enduro and JDD’s.

Online Entry - External Site

Entry On The Day - Dirt Track Race Meeting

IMPORTANT: This form is only required if applying on the event date. Practice days and Junior Development Days are all entry on the day - Click here to view pricing and details.

Entry On The Day - PDF

(To Be Completed Only On Event Date - Late Fees Apply).
Present on Race Day. Sign on opens 7:00am. Sign on closes 8:00am SHARP!!

The Harley Club of Victoria Reserves the right to change/ combine classes on the day. Trophies awarded for top three place getters in competitive classes. Medallions awarded to all participants in non-competitive classes.