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The Harley Club caters to a diverse range of motorcycle enthusiasts, juniors, intermediates, seniors, woman, veterans and people who just like getting out, meeting others and talking bikes.

Our members interests range from rock hopping trials, power sliding dirt track, road racing, motocross, road riding days, restoring classics, desert racing, hills climbing, enduro and even land speed record attempts.

The Harley Club's first official club meeting was held at 5th February 1924, at the Ritz Cafe, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne where the inaugural committee ... Read More

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Big thanks to all the coaches who volunteer their time to make our Junior Development program possible.
Lots of happy families.
Our next JDD is on the 24th of May
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*****************2020 Dirt Tack rule changes****************
A lot of people would be aware that there have been a number of rule changes for 2020.
The club has been asked several questions surrounding these changes.
We have sought clarification from Motorcycling Australia (they set the rules not Motorcycling Victoria). For our club the rules are as follows:

1. We will run additional classes that are not in the rule book, just as we always have. This is allowed via supplementary regulations (sup regs) approved by Motorcycling Victoria. Sup regs are exactly that ie supplementary to the rules. They cannot override the rules.

2. The MA rule states that slider and MX frames are under no circumstances to be on the track at the same time, including practice days.

3. Where the term MX is referenced to it is taken to mean “MX type” machines (MA further defined this as a bike capable of off-road riding, enduro or road trail type machines). So almost any non slider frame is eligible.

4. Junior classes will run as have been previously at our club via approved sup regs but current 2020 age rules will apply.

The club does not make these rules but must however abide by them. There is a rule change request process in the MOMS for anyone to utilise.
The committee will look at putting 2 races per round for sliders (6 races total) into the program if numbers for that class improve, this is to be discussed at our next general meeting.
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For those who haven't got the 2020 MOM's for DT/Track yet. Copy and paste it into the search window. file:///Users/peterhern/Desktop/GCRs%20-%20Dirt%20Track%202020%20Motorcycling%20Australia.webarchive

Big shout out to the Harley Club for being proactive in trying to keep members informed with information about the current rule changes. Can`t agree more with you Peter Hern

I apologise if this appears directed at the club, it certainly is not my intention. As a slider rider I’m expected to pay the same entry as old mate on his MX bike, he then pays his additional costs per class, after the included two class per entry. I will receive four rides that day, practice, and one race per round. Old mate is able to enter 1-Graded class A, B or C grade (doesn’t matter if his machine is far slower, or faster than the rest of field as these classes aren’t capacity restricted) 2-capacity class 250,450,451+ 3-possibly an age limited class (vets if he’s an bastard like me) again not capacity restricted. And there’s still other opportunities too ,Pre 90(not capacity restricted) and..? There’s at least 10 rides and possibly finals too... Doesn’t feel very fair from where I sit... MA has effectively excluded one type of motorcycle from all competition.

Please remember everyone, it's not MX against sliders, we all love flat track no matter what style of bike we ride. MA have made this rule for 2020 and we have to find a solution. If you have a suggestion, come to the club meeting this Tuesday and have a chat. Please don't do a back and forth on facebook, we only end up going around in circles and you know where that ends up. 🚽🚽

Awesome keep the sliders seperate. Good news

Are you still allowed to ride up a class at Harley club events

Just remember, don't shoot the messenger. All those involved in running your club are volunteers and do it for the love of the club and the sport. You could possibly come along to a club meeting if you feel strongly enough about something, and maybe offer to help out a bit.

obviously sliders dont practice with mx bikes?

I can't see why people are getting so mad about the slider and mx bike thing I love sliders but when you get taken out by a person who is learning to ride a slider because they don't think can be piss you off and it has happened to me But on another note for Years we ran both togeather and never had a problem I don't see why the change but i do belive that some slider riders only ride at tracks they know they will beat a mx bike and won't ride a slider at tracks they know they will loose at Back in the day sliders and mx bikes rode all tracks togeather oil based, longtrack, short track and had a ball racing with each other so why not go back to the old days ways and all get along and have a amazing time racing what we love and not fighting with each other Cant we all group togeather and build this sport back to its amazing status it use to be

MA havnt got a clue wats going on it's about time they woke up and had people that came from certain motorcycle back grounds that makes the rule changes for instance in the long track they have a 500 slider class and an all powers slider class the idiots don't realize that is the same class because if u had a 600 cc for the all powers open it wouldn't go any better because of 34mil carby rule coz with out more fuel it's no better they only made the changes to stop the wingers in the pro open getting pissed offfff

People, you can argue all you like on here and it will make absolutely no difference. The rules for 2020 are set and the club will try and find a working solution according to the MOM’s. If you’re not happy, put in a rule change form for next year or talk to MA. You’ll achieve nothing here.

Peter lm not having a go at u people it's MA they don't have a clue wats going on and make rule changes wat don't make sense and they can't explain that s why there is so many sliders parked up in shed s coz people can't understand wat s going on u keep up your good work and by the way lv got a lot of sliders but r not prepared to come to meeting s where there is to much confusion have a good day

Just regarding the 85cc and 150cc classes on wheel sizes . As I read the moms you can run either big or small in either age group is that right ?

Sounds fair enough 👍

Been waiting for this to happen good for some and not for others

By the faster blokes on the sliders they have to remember it's a long track meeting and the long track bikes are wat the people come to C the MX people get plenty of racing if u don't like getting beating don't com

Why do u sliders care use don’t even show up any way was a waste making use a class ahah

Alan Jones

Ma can stick it

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2 weeks ago

The Harley Club of Victoria

2 spots left in this weekends Coaching Course! If interested in becoming a Coach please complete and return the attached application form asap. Full details of course on application form.
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3 weeks ago

The Harley Club of Victoria

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I’ll get a price for rear tyres for everyone

Hayden Dave Brenton Denis Eddie Dave Mark some different and a heaps of fun

Justine Smith

Kenny Redding

Ray Iles

Jason Courtney that bike ready yet

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The Harley Club of Victoria wishes everyone a happy and safe Christmas and we look forward to another year of events in 2020! ... See MoreSee Less

The Harley Club of Victoria wishes everyone a happy and safe Christmas and we look forward to another year of events in 2020!


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Merry Christmas and thank you for all that you do throughout the year 🎄🎄

Merry Xmas HCV peeps🌲

fully sik club and managment involved here bring on 2020😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

1 month ago

The Harley Club of Victoria

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1 month ago

The Harley Club of Victoria

Check out the events for the first quarter of 2020. Enjoy! ... See MoreSee Less

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